We are a Bulgarian based independent consulting company devoted to helping companies to achieve their ambitions for innovation and growth.
Our team of diverse and experienced professionals is committed to providing services of exceptional quality across the development of innovation strategy, implementation of innovation culture and processes, commercialization of technology, and funding guidance.

Escapenet mission to help enterprises accelerate the adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues during digital evolution, and leading ongoing innovation.

Why us?

We are not just consultants.

  • We are an agile team of diverse individuals with real and valuable experience in innovation spanning from creating to being a part of the whole innovation ecosystem.
  • We have experience with commercialization of innovation, bringing new technologies to the market, funding strategy and transforming culture in organizations among others.

  • Our members have developed their knowledge from working in some of the largest organizations as well as being closely involved with small startups, steering them towards success.
  • We use the most relevant theory and best practices to help you succeed, we put our hearts into helping you realize your company’s long-term vision.