Escapenet values

Five key principles dominate our everyday operation and are the core to all our relationships.

• Leadership
We work hard to be the leaders in our areas of expertise. We have clear vision of our direction and focus on accomplishment of our ambitious goals. We are motivated by excellence and motivate our people to deliver results and appreciate what they do.

• Morale
We believe that high moral standards are inherent to the successful long-term business. We do not compromise with our ethics and shall always be ready to help people and contribute to further social developments.

• Team spirit
Team work is the key to our success. We encourage companies and people to exchange ideas and know-how in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of our work. We support and stand by each other in failure and success.

• Respect
We truly believe that people are our most precious asset. We respect our colleagues and believe in their talents. We are open-minded and know that best results are achieved trusting each other.

• Focus on our clients
Our clients are most important to us. We work to win their respect and loyalty, offering them products and services of exceptional quality. We identify, appreciate and adopt innovative ideas and make them crucial for meeting clients’ demands.